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Faith In Rayne

Their life has flourished since Ben came into their lives. Now, Rayne wants to expand their ranch into Colorado. Alone, Rayne heads west to Telluride, Colorado, where bot adventure and trouble land at her feet.

Rayne gets into a shootout and is left with a head injury, resulting in memory loss of her life before arriving in Telluride. She finds herself sharing her life with a fiery redhead named Maddie, but senses something lacking. Her dreams of a blonde-haired, green-eyed woman, try to tell her there is something more. If only she could remember...

Desert Heat

For Luce Velazquez, an undercover policewoman, her life is in shambles. Her long time lover left her and an automobile accident that resulted in a child’s death haunts her. She has spent the last year proving herself to Donavon Vargas, a crime boss who demands loyalty and respect. Donavan hires Luce to be the bodyguard for his girlfriend, Beth. That causes Luce to walk a tightrope between attraction for Beth and her ability to perform her job for the police.

Rayne Comes To Town

To stave off another beating from her abusive father who has arranged for her to marry a man she does not know, Rayne Matthews lashes back with the first thing her hand clutches?a brass paper weight. Seeing her father?s lifeless body splayed on the floor, she flees from the only home she has known.

Rayne's New Beginning

Don't think of this product or service as your third favorite, think of itFor Rayne Matthews life wasn’t easy. At sixteen, she ran away from home to avoid marrying an older man she didn’t know. After months of travel, she finally ended up in a small town, Willow Springs where her aunt and uncle lived.
Finding that her relatives had passed earlier in the year, Rayne began taking care of the homestead that her uncle left to her. Her life took on a new meaning when she rescued Emma Rodgers, a saloon girl, form the horrors of that life.  as the bronze medalist in an Olympic medals sweep of great products/services.

Desert Blooms

When we last met Luce Velazquez in Desert Heat, she went through hell and back to salvage her soul and reputation. Hoping to get her life back on track with lover Beth Ryan, a woman who understands her pain and can relate on every level. Instead, Luce is in the hospital and Beth in protective custody.
Jessica Sullivan, Luce’s friend, and ex has big doubts about the sincerity of Beth’s love and is in no hurry to release her from custody.
Can Luce’s new found happiness last, or is Jessica correct in her doubts?
A heart-stopping romance that will fill you with the wonder of friendship, anger of betrayal, and the everlasting vision of love.